Give kids
the experiences
they deserve.


We are thankful for the kindness of our 800+ volunteers.

Our mission is to educate.


Students all across America need your support to get outdoors

Our country is gifted with youth who want to be pointed in the right direction. They just need your kindness and support.


We are proud to have helped over 10,000+ students in our 5 level system

We provide real-world opportunities, keep youth out of trouble and give them a healthy means to channel their energy and curiosity.

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Here's how we help.


Academic support

Integrate adaptive Science, Math, Social Studies and English curriculum and allow interaction between students and teachers beyond the classroom.


Social growth

Develop character and self esteem through student-centered learning and build bridges between cultures, ages and socioeconomic status.


Outdoor youth activities

Provide hunting, fishing, archery and other outdoor activity experience alongside demonstrating conservation practices and teaching environmental respect.

Let’s help more children experience
the outdoor world they've never known.

Support America's youth. They need you.

What people are saying

  • Mike Simmons, Contributing Writer Sportsweek
    Camp Compass just may be offering one positive solution worth consideration in every community
    Mike Simmons, Contributing Writer Sportsweek
  • Roy C. Afflerbach, Mayor of Allentown
    This outdoor organization, serving the neighborhoods of the city, joins cultures, ages and various socioeconomic groups to ensure that the outdoor heritage of our country is available to all of our children.
    Roy C. Afflerbach, Mayor of Allentown
  • Tom Fegley, Outdoors Editor (retired), The Morning Call
    This is a worthwhile program which, I sincerely believe, deserves financial support. Camp Compass has been and continues to be a one-of-a-kind opportunity for youngsters whose lives are being pointed in the right direction.
    Tom Fegley, Outdoors Editor (retired), The Morning Call
  • Mrs. H. Santiago, Parent
    Camp Compass is a program that every parent should know about…. This camp is the best thing that ever happened to my child.
    Mrs. H. Santiago, Parent
  • Mr. J. Marano, Parent
    I personally came home from this experience one of the wealthiest men on the face of the earth, because of the joy and happiness of watching my daughter this weekend, which was a result of the past three years with John and Camp Compass.
    Mr. J. Marano, Parent

Thank you for your kindness and support!