A system developed for all types of youth and their families.

Thinking Beyond A Single Area---see Hunting Awareness and John's New Book Beyond One Day

Perhaps our greatest achievement with Camp Compass has been the refinement of a successful system of development based on Outdoor Learning Experiences which can be spread to other communities. This unique premise for saving otherwise lost generations of children does work and the time is now for Camp Compass to help hundreds, even thousands more. The next critical step is, as always, getting adequate funding.

The regional growth, and indeed the survival of Camp Compass points to the willingness of local individuals to participate. Without the voluntary involvement of local sportsmen, the best laid plans of any such program would not succeed. It's been noted that most committed outdoorsmen, for various reasons, are generous by nature and seem readily disposed to share their hard-won skills.

"Ask an experienced veteran of the outdoors, such as a hunter or fisherman, to spend an afternoon and teach some needy inner-city kids how to handle a rifle or cast a lure, and you've got yourself a very enthusiastic and committed member of our staff," says John Annoni. "Once we explain our program and what we've achieved by exposing less-advantaged kids to the wonders of the outdoors along with the amazing positive impact it has had on the individual child, getting actual participation from the local community is not difficult. Especially when we involve clubs and conservation organizations.

Camp Compass is poised to grow. It simply requires enough financial backing, especially from the support, to move into the next phase and take full advantage of John's and the team's  energy, expertise, and organizational zeal. Get John's latest book here or see what's happening at Hunting Awareness.

Proof of Growth

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