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Camouflaging Our Differences

When we are out in the middle of the woods or water, all of our differences seem to fade away.  The things that bind us together, our passions, our dreams, our hopes and our concerns, they become more pronounced, calling to us, telling us to focus on our inner connections.  At Camp Compass, that is just what we do: we listen to this call, and we focus on our connections with Mother Nature and the people around us.  We are gifted with youth who want to be pointed in the right direction and adults who want to see all kinds of kids succeed.

As America moves forward into 2017, we know a key to us healing is by us Camouflaging Our Differences.  In our everyday lives, we may be black, white, Hispanic or of a different culture, but when we are outdoors, we are all wearing the same colors.  There is a beauty to this and it must be highlighted again and again.  We need to prove to everyone that our outdoor heritage is welcoming.

We are turning to you, friends, for help in raising some additional capital through our iron on decal launch.  The funds are going to cover the costs of expanding our scholarship opportunities with kids.  At Camp Compass, we provide real-world opportunities, keeping youth out of trouble and giving them a healthy means to channel their energy and curiosity.  WE HAVE THE DATA TO PROVE IT!  We have been essentially dependent on a few supporters, but now we are locking our arms with others from across the nation in this public show of solidarity.  We welcome any and all that want to show they are Camouflaging Our Differences.

What we need more than anything is you getting the point across on social media with one of our decals placed on an already owned item.  Take action - Donate, Decal & Display!  A picture of you showing America, you as a person, is willing stand beside another outdoor minded person, NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE FROM, for the good of our children is a powerful statement.  Beyond that, you can support us by sharing our website URL with everyone you know.   While the nation prepares for some to separate us, let’s show we aren’t willing to let a few spoil America’s great progress for unity and inclusion.

Camouflage Our Differences. Trailers and Documentary


This initiative is made possible by grants from:

The Lehigh Valley Community Foundation and the NRA Foundation



Thank you for your kindness and support