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Another Successful State Test

IMG_5816For those who think state testing is just done in school, think again.  At Camp Compass we require a months study time from students who want to move on to the upper levels of the program and  they must pass the Pennsylvania Hunter Exam.  When a student is preparing for their hunter safety test it can be a very scary task because they come to us with no background knowledge on the subject matter.  Nevertheless, it’s all in the preparation and the picture shows the results!


The Ultimate Double…

1966157_748054125228249_3742477334597444543_oCongrats to Amir (bow) and to Jordan (gun) for completing the almost impossible goal of doubling up on turkeys in North Carolina this weekend.  We at Camp Compass want you to know that we are proud of your decisions to chase both turkeys and your dreams!


Feeling Special

P7310192Youth don’t get to use real glasses and linens during school events.  So, when the Lehigh Valley Chapter of SCI invited our students to their annual convention they were in for quite a surprise.  Friday night was full of new experiences for our first level students and full of renewed memories for a few of our upper level teens.  At Camp Compass we believe very strongly in breaking bread with others to allow our students the opportunity to learn more about those that support them.  Can you say, FIRST CLASS!


20th birthday dates


Making Kids Feel Special….

academy learningJust a quick post to say to all of our Bullets who continue to support the Mission of Camp Compass Academy, Thanks for caring!



Hey Gage…..

blt-iscope-slider1Hey Gage, your friends at Iscope wanted to see you and Landon get your turkey so they decided to get involved.   Those turkeys are really in trouble now.


Look Out Turkeys

P5180501IMG_5145[1]Well it looks like another Christmas wish is on its  to way of happening.  Zachi, my superhero, who passed away last year, wanted to hunt turkey and we pulled it off.  Now another incredible kid wants to do the same.  Over the break Gage started on his journey to become a turkey hunter.  In the next few weeks,  he will be studying and be working with his new hunting buddy Landon to accomplish what many would say is impossible.  What everyone who works with any kid in our academy eventually finds out is they refuse to loose.  So turkeys look out this spring.


Merry Christmas To All



Thanks for Giving, Larry


At this giving time of year, look who is helping  our kids.

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Camp Compass Donation


Not so small nor just game

erika wordsNothing like chasing pheasant and rabbit on a Saturday morning to make you forget about the world’s problems.  We don’t know who has more fun the adults or kids.  It doesn’t really matter either because the memories are fond for both.  We are grateful that our students continue to work so hard for the outdoor rewards we offer.  Heck, if the kids don’t work hard we don’t get to go either. Thanks, students!

    • John Annoni is an educator in the Allentown School District, author, inventor and founder of Camp Compass.