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A Real Easter Egg Hunt


We pride ourselves on thinking out of the box when it comes to teaching youth about the outdoors.  Well we had a chance to revisit an activity we use to do many years ago.  Our Easter egg hunt was always a big hit and we had the opportunity to introduce it to a new group of students.  Finding eggs in the woods and calling a shot at varied distances makes for a great holiday activity and allows students to practice their shooting techniques at the same time.


Dinner and Some Shooting


P3210020 P3210011Everyone looks forward to going out with friends and family.  Our kids do too.  Thanks to the Lehigh Valley Chapter of SCI for hosting our kids for an evening of fun, freindship and firearms.  When our kids get to feel very special eating off real silverware, drinking from real glasses and shaking hands with people that truly care about them.  So on with the show knowing that experience will be had again and again if the child wants it and proves it through their efforts at Academy, in school and at home.


Building Bridges


Not sure if you want  kids to learn about guns and hunting?  A lot of  people feel that way especially in urban environments.  It’s our hope that WE can educate youth about the joys of shooting and the outdoors.  We never want to see young people hurt so we continue to share our mission with whomever will listen.  It’s education that saves lives  and its education we will keep giving so that our kids can grow into healthy, well rounded adults.


School’s Closed But…..

rockridgeIMG_7494Just because school is closed doesn’t mean it’s time to stop learning.  We are very busy over the holiday break with students taking part in rewards they earned.  Duck hunting was the prime activity and our girls didn’t let  water or cold weather stop them from chasing their dreams and some ducks too.


A Letter to Our Friends


Letter writing always has a special meaning at Camp Compass.  We look forward to sending Season’s Greeting to adults who care about us.  Hope  your Holidays are filled with Joy and Happiness.


Opening it up…


Sometimes  a passion for teaching take you back to what sparked  your interest as a kid.  Our aanual  dissection lesson has always been a favorite and we don’t see the trend changing.  Like the animals we open we hope the knowledge our kids receive opens them up too.  A chance to learn hands -on trumps books any day!


We are thankful for …


We wanted to say we are thankful for all of the adults that have given their time, resources and donations to our efforts.  Camp Compass is a little different in its approach and in its misson to help kids find their way in the world.  We hope you will take a minute to hear hundreds of  kids saying the word Thank You in your mind.  Together we will continue to be great and “ful” of optimism.


Pheasants in the Rain

Photo Nov 01, 7 50 40 AM

pheasant 14When we get a chance to reward our students sometimes Mother Nature throws us a curve ball.  This past weekend she did just that by providing some rain with our pheasant hunt.  That means changing the game plan and clothing to suit the situation.  Our students learned a lot about  wind and bird flushes and caught on fairly quickly after the first few birds used the gusts to get out of harms way in a flash. The dogs did a great job and the statement of the day by a students was “I just would have stayed in bed on this rainy day instead I had the best hunt yet with Camp Compass.”  We are always glad we can get some kids up and out to do something beyond their normal routine.

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    • John Annoni is an educator in the Allentown School District, author, inventor and founder of Camp Compass and 2 Million Bullets.