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It’s Time…….

Camp Compass2_8x10School is starting and so are the competitions our students will have with Mother Nature.  As the year moves on, there will be students that reach beyond their lived in boxes to experience emotions and support that will take them to new heights.  It’s the best feeling in the world to know that we help that happen at Camp Compass.  Looking forward to exciting times and big wins this year!


Heat Factory Helps!

  ” When you work as much as we do with children in the outdoors, you come across products you can’t just do without. Very simply, our program would not be the same without the support and use of the Heat Factory warmer products.

Camp Compass AcademyThe number of uses we have found for the various products you develop keeps growing. From duck hunts, to deer hunts, to ice fishing and even in cold classrooms where our students may be required to take tests, we have found that we can always count on your products. Thanks for such great products and for supporting our kids in their outdoor rewards.


Summertime 24/7

It’s that time of year where our kids use our electronic reporting and paging system to let us know what’s going on in their lives.  Because of vacations and student travel, we find it necessary to allow our kids no matter where they are or circumstances they may be in to have a lifeline to us.  We take great pride in that word access– not only giving our youth access to the outdoors but giving  them access to caring adults when they are needed.   

How many youth programs do you know that are open 24/7?


Making Kids Bigger Than Life


Most would see a big set antlers when looking at this picture  but we see a youth that can grow as big.   With the right amount of care any child has the potential to be a record setter!


A Rare Bird..

Congratulations to all of the academy students that got to challenge the wild turkey this season.  A special congratulations to Jared for his smoke phased turkey.  What a bird!



When you compete against Mother Nature you never know what to expect. The MossyOak cameramen spent some time with us at full fan lodge. They flew up for youth turkey season and were able to film Thursday at academy, Friday around Allentown and Saturday morning during the hunt. Look for the hunt to make history on  mossy oak’s Hunting the Country on The Outdoor Channel.  We will announce air times.


Ahhh Turkey Season


Talking a second language can helpful in any situation so when it comes to talking to the king of spring we take great pride in doing just that –telling them to come on over.


Some Pizza for the Party

 After a long day at school and putting in extra hours at academy it’s nice to reward the kids with pizza and a little down time.  We take our engagement time pretty seriously but every once in a while we take some time to appreciate each other over a “meal.”


A Real Easter Egg Hunt


We pride ourselves on thinking out of the box when it comes to teaching youth about the outdoors.  Well we had a chance to revisit an activity we use to do many years ago.  Our Easter egg hunt was always a big hit and we had the opportunity to introduce it to a new group of students.  Finding eggs in the woods and calling a shot at varied distances makes for a great holiday activity and allows students to practice their shooting techniques at the same time.

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    • John Annoni is an educator in the Allentown School District, author, inventor and founder of Camp Compass and 2 Million Bullets.